Then we have another question that I get asked a lot, and this is how people can learn more. Can they go to college for game design, and if so where should they go?

Higher Education

Can you go to college to learn a game development degree? Yes you can!

Should you go to school for game design? That's a hard question for me to answer honestly. I don't know you, or how you might approach additional schooling, or where you have the means to go. I will say that there are more and more schools developing quality game design programs. 

Where should you go?

I'm not going to comment on individual schools (given I both work at one, and I can't speak authoritatively about all the available options where you are from),

My advice though is to know what you want to do, and focus on that. The options vary a lot depending on whether you want to be a designer, engineer, artist, animator, or otherwise. 

Then do your research. Talk to students who have attended the courses you are considering. Research the professors and lecturers. See if you can gauge how successful the institution is at helping it's graduates find jobs in the industry.

There are good courses and programs out there, the key is finding the right one for you. 

Online Learning

There are also a host of options for online learning beyond watching You Tube videos. (but do not underestimate watching You Tube videos! There are some great tutorials and how-to videos on there.)

More organized learning courses can be found at sites like Udemy - This is one of the paid online course sites. Now a word of warning here, their courses aren't free, but they do often go on sale that significantly lowers the cost. You will often be able to pick up entire courses for $10-$30, and some of the more popular ones are well made and informative. There is a lot to filter through, but sticking to some of the high usage courses can dig out some useful courses. As always with paid online learning options, be sure that you want to commit to it, as it does require your attention, but hey, you want to make this happen right?

The quality of those lone courses can vary wildly, so research them carefully before you put down your hard earned cash, but there are good ones out there that can help you perfect your chosen game development skills.